Bringing over 20 years of Information Security excellence to our corporate partners

We protect our clients, their organizations and their families

PROSINT is highly specialized team of intrusion experts, information security professionals and intelligence analysts. With over twenty years of proven information security industry excellence, our team is dedicated to the protection and risk mitigation of our clients. We focus on two primary service areas – Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Executive Digital Footprint (EDF).

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) is the process of gathering information for the proper background assessment of individuals and organizations – indispensible in modern compliance investigations, legal risk mitigation efforts and executive due-diligence. “Open-Source” refers to intelligence that is derived from the analysis of information obtained via publicly available data sources – in other words, the open Internet and all the information within it.  Open Source information can be found on websites, databases and social media platforms and can be in the form of text, video, image, or audio formats.

OSINT as a service, therefore, is the analysis of information that we all have access to.  All that is required is a device and an Internet connection.  We are not hacking, cracking or entrapping.  We are simply collecting and analyzing information that is already readily available on the open Internet. Our processes are legally approved and non-intrusive.

The Executive Digital Footprint (EDF) is a highly specialized white-glove assessment that provides a detailed online profile of an individual and his or her family.  Our analysts pull as much individual-specific information as possible from the open source in order to create an accurate snapshot of the client’s online presence.  Our PROSINT team analyzes this data in order to determine what publicly available data could be leveraged by adversaries to target a client or their family.  While many executives may not be heavy users of the Internet and social media themselves, we often uncover malicious posts by adversaries and accidental data disclosures posted by family, friends, or other associates that could potentially put the client or their family at risk.

In addition to showing what information is out there and outlining the physical or digital risks that information creates, the EDF assessments also provide clear recommendations for eliminating or otherwise reducing the vulnerabilities that have been identified.

Discretion is of the utmost importance during the creation, dissemination, and storage of the EDF assessments.  We understand the level of trust it takes for a client to allow us to search for and find personal information about them and their families.  This trust is something we take very seriously and our PROSINT analysts always uphold the highest level of both discretion and data security.

Our PROSINT Secure analysts have performed hundreds of online assessments for dozens of Fortune 100 companies.  We are often contacted by organizations that are looking for security assessments for their C-Level executives or Board of Directors.  We have also performed these assessments for a significant number of athletes, celebrities, Family Offices, and other high net-worth individuals.