Travel presents a number of security challenges unique to executives and other high-net-worth individuals. Leaders of companies, governments, industries and media often are high-visibility and high-value targets, and travel represents an opportunity for access by unauthorized or ill-intentioned criminal actors.

Whether it’s an organization sending one of their executives overseas or a high net-worth individual planning a family vacation, PROSINT Secure’s Travel Intelligence Report provides valuable information to the traveler and their organization regarding their upcoming trip.  Our travel reports provide a security assessment of the destination country and cities that will be visited.

Pre-Travel Security Preparation

Preparing for a secure trip is just as important as maintaining proper security procedures during your trip.  In preparation for travel, you’ll want to establish a pre-travel checklist with your security provider. PROSINT’s pre-travel recommendations cover a range of tasks which aim to cover your home security lockdown, administrative efforts such as receiving calls without releasing travel information, assessing required medications and their legality for travel and use in other countries, and establishing a contact plan for emergencies at home and abroad (including appropriate US Embassy/Consulate lines of communication. PROSINT can also make recommendations and reservations for personal transport such as private airfare and in-country private motor transportation.

PROSINT will also make recommendations for behavior and dress in consideration of other cultural traditions, and prepare your devices (such as cell phones, mobile devices and tablets) for optimal digital security configuration to protect your sensitive contacts and financial information. In the event a client needs regular medical attention, we will make recommendations for hospitals focused on quality-of-care and English-speaking doctors.

Travel Security During Your Trip

When you arrive, a different set of challenges can present themselves. PROSINT will provide an onsite security protocol which addresses physical and digital security from the moment you step foot in-country. This may include any immediate travel alerts and concerns, assessments of public transportation safety, major crime statistics (such as the potential or trends for kidnapping or targeting of tourists/foreigners), common scams and street crime in the host city, security concerns for the hotel and its surrounding neighborhood, and backup hotel recommendations within the protection zone of a US Embassy or Consulate (where possible).

During the course of your stay, your PROSINT report will provide support for securing important documents, credit cards and financial information and notifications on various neighborhoods within the host city to avoid. In the event of any legal or personal security issues, your report will also provide details and contact information for State Department recommended lawyers.

Travel Intelligence Reports – Your Personal Reference Manual for Travel

Travel Intelligence Reports are intended to be used as an all-inclusive manual for reference during or after an emergency while overseas. We have conducted these assessments for travel to just about every corner of the world, including destinations within the US.  Each report is different and highly customizable, depending on the destination, nature of the trip, international travel experience of traveler, and any specific concerns the client may have.

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