Since 1997, our experienced professionals have refined their Open-Source Intelligence, Executive Digital Footprint and Information Security services. Recently, we have developed a new brand to represent a focused intelligence services offering for law firms, executive teams, high-net-worth individuals and travel security protocols. We are proud to present the PROSINT name with the launch of our official website as a premium service for empowering the intelligence efforts these organizations and their investigative tasks.

Intelligence Services for Intelligent Decision-Making

PROSINT offers a range of services designed to enable your team access to the intelligence reporting techniques similar to the nation’s most effective information security departments. We are focused on performing legal and ethical investigations which open the way to making truthful assessments regarding people and organizations of interest, securing your legal risk mitigation, hiring processes, compliance reporting and travel itineraries with the force of true digital insights based on the Open Source (or, the internet and all publicly available information sources as a whole).

Our services include:

Open Source Intelligence Reports – This is a process which analyzes all information publicly available across the internet, sourced from websites, databases, social media platforms and more – essentially the entirety of the Internet and all information found within it. The report delivered to you will detail the online behavior and affiliations of a person or organization of interest in the form of text, video, images and audio formats. It’s not hacking, cracking or entrapping – it’s simply an effective assessment map of all information already readily acceptable across the web.

E-Discovery – A service most useful for law firms, our E-Discovery reports assess online behavior and web content associated with individuals or litigation matters of interest. All content is manually verified and presented in a way which helps expedite the legal process for our clients. This is performed using both Open-Source Intelligence and proprietary tools and techniques which can assist greatly with class action lawsuits, defamation cases, mergers and acquisitions, sexual harassment lawsuits, wrongful termination, disability and hostile work environment claims. Additionally these reports can assist greatly with constructing an information map regarding insider threats, intellectual property and client theft, and divorce cases.

Executive Digital Footprint – This highly-specialized and white-glove assessment details an online perspective of a client and their family, pulling data from as many sources as possible ranging from social media behavior and sensitive personal information to the online footprint of all individuals and organizations associated with the client. In addition to providing a clear assessment of all the information out there on the web and physical/digital risks, PROSINT supplies a remediation recommendations report for eliminating or otherwise reducing the vulnerabilities that have been identified.

Ad Hoc Investigations – We are highly specialized in compiling ad hoc reports and investigations covering a wide range of issues, including groups or people of interest, cyber/physical adversaries, fraud, stalking, insider threats, planned protests, boycotts, misinformation, leaked personal information, intellectual property theft and many other concerns.

Travel Intelligence Reports – Executive and high-net-worth individuals face a range of unique travel security concerns, such as how to provide physical and digital security at home while absent, developing a comprehensive pre-travel checklist and creating security recommendations and protocol while abroad. We construct an all-inclusive manual for secure travel for individuals facing these concerns and have conducted these assessments for just about every corner of the world (including destinations in the US). Each report is individualized and highly customizable depending on the destination, nature of the trip, international travel experience and any other specific travel concerns the client may have.


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PROSINT is a division of Secure Network Technologies.


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