Executives and high-net-worth individuals experience a number of unique security challenges on a daily basis. Many of these experiences are directly intrusive and alarming, while others can be covert and remain largely unnoticed until they become an acute emergency. This can disrupt daily life and create a seemingly constant set of invasive challenges which can affect executive function and quality of life. Developing an appropriate security layer can mitigate these challenges and do the work of protecting you, your information, activities and schedules against physical and financial threats.

The first step in developing the appropriate security measures is the Executive Digital Footprint (EDF) Analysis. Highly specialized and custom-tailored in nature, this security and intelligence assessment provides a detailed online profile of an individual, extending out through the investigation of all available relationships and organizations comprehensively associated with their life.

Finding an organization worthy of the trust and experience implicit in this process is a major concern for individuals seeking to establish a digital security perimeter. Retaining a digital security partner requires some work, applying the appropriate executive due diligence to confirmation and credentialing of all potential candidates.

Your Due Diligence in Finding the Right Partner

There are several processes effective in determining a security partner you can trust with handling and securing your sensitive and private information. An EDF Analysis will reveal many of your private details, and establishing this level of verification is of paramount importance for the future of your security architecture. Here are some of the steps you can take right now to begin detailing your first contact with an appropriate security partner:

  • Begin with research. Ask colleagues, associates and peers who have retained similar services. Check out the websites and materials for all potential security partner candidates before starting your deep-dive.
  • Find third-party references for each candidate. Any organization can give you references, but it’s the unsolicited references in your network which can tell you the most about a satisfactory (or dissatisfactory) experience.
  • Research all credentials, certifications, experience backgrounds and more using professional services for credential checks.
  • Ask the right questions during the initial introduction and negotiation processes. This can help you understand the experience of each candidate at a higher level, as well as gauge and compare experiences with various types of security scenarios.
  • Organize logs of existing security concerns, including actual experiences and potential weak points. Do not share personal information until an appropriate nondisclosure or engagement contract has been completed

What Does the Executive Digital Footprint (EDF) Include?

The purpose of an Executive Digital Footprint is to identify any sensitive information, online behaviors or security gaps which could be leveraged by a malicious actor to steal information, break security barriers and make direct physical contact. The EDF analysis aims to mitigate the potential for a security emergency by closing every available gap that might be leveraged by an outside person or organization.

The EDF procedure conducted by PROSINT puts our analysts to task pulling as much subject-specific information as possible from all open sources in order to create an accurate snapshot of the client’s online presence.  Our team compiles a comprehensive report detailing the findings of our analysis, including all publicly available data which could be leveraged by adversaries to target client or their family.  While many executives may not be heavy users of the Internet and social media themselves, we often uncover malicious posts by adversaries and accidental data disclosures posted by family, friends, or other associates that could potentially put the client or their family at risk.

In addition to showing what information is out there and outlining the physical or digital risks that information creates, the EDF assessments also provide clear recommendations for eliminating or otherwise reducing the vulnerabilities that have been identified.

Discretion is of the utmost importance during the creation, dissemination, and storage of the EDF assessments.  We understand the level of trust it takes for a client to allow us to search for and find personal information about them and their families.  This trust is something we take very seriously and our PROSINT analysts always uphold the highest level of both discretion and data security.

Our PROSINT analysts have performed hundreds of online assessments for dozens of Fortune 100 companies.  We are often contacted by organizations that are looking for security assessments for their C-Level executives or Board of Directors.  We have also performed these assessments for a significant number of athletes, celebrities, Family Offices, and other high net-worth individuals.

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